We have an API mock server that returns fake data for testing purposes.

You can easily try out our API on the Docs page without an API key:


Instead of using the production base url https://listen-api.listennotes.com/, just use the mock server base url with https://listen-api-test.listennotes.com/. For example, you can send requests to GET https://listen-api-test.listennotes.com/api/v2/search?q=startup:

curl -X GET https://listen-api-test.listennotes.com/api/v2/search?q=startup

If you use one of our official libraries (e.g., podcast-api-python) and you don't set the api_key value, then all requests will hit our mock API server.

Please note that there are limitations of our mock API server:

  • All requests will return hardcoded fake data.

  • For the same endpoint, it'll return the same fake data, no matter what parameters you pass to the endpoint. For example, GET /search?q=startup and GET /search?q=hello will return the same response data.

  • The mock server may be down from time to time.

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